Amalgama SS - The Fusion Between Irish and Spanish Fashion

Amalgama, amalgam in English, is a mixture or blend of things of different nature.

I wanted to incorporate this concept into my collection, through blended elements of my origins in Granada and my current location in County Wicklow – from the tile motifs of the Alhambra Palace, to the shape and beauty of the Sugar Loaf mountain, from the movement of the flounces of a flamenco dress, to the fields of the Irish countryside. 

Amalgama SS

The colourful geometric patchwork that meets in the seams, resembles the boundaries of the fields and the motifs of the tiles. Vibrant green, blue and yellow silk taffeta, mix with white cotton and cream organza to enhance the colours. The green also predominates in comfortable organic jersey garments with a touch of silk. This collection combines elements of both spanish and irish fashion into one.

Corrine Crennan Photography
Irina Cojocaru- model
Julie Cojocaru- model


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