Bars and Soul
Dichotomy Clothing

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars”

Bars and Blue

Walking along the pier, I saw a bench that I had seen hundreds of times before. This time I just saw the bars that formed it, beside the freedom of the sea. I related it to the experiences with the pandemic. It reminded me of the beautiful gate on the stony wall, bars and the freedom of the forest behind. Is it a Paradox? Dichotomy? Contradiction? Irony? We are prohibited from doing things but now we learn to appreciate them.

woman with completely white dress

Focusing on the concept of  dichotomy, I named this collection bars and soul. To me, this means, although we have limitations, we also have our inner freedom to develop the best from the worst. 

At first, I thought of using just black and white as a contradiction but then I introduced colours to reflect the different reactions we all can have to the same situation. 

The wide knife and inverted pleats emulate the bars while the loose shape on the garments  symbolise the soul.

Martin O’Neill Photography
Raiane Borges - model Morgan de agency
Anne O’Shea Stylist Morgan de agency
Niall Durack Makeup artist


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