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Silvia Ortega measuring a puppet

Ever since I was a child, I had a passion for creating garments and manipulating fabrics. However, I pursued a Masters qualification in Pedagogy and worked in that area for a few years. Twelve years ago, I moved to Ireland to learn English and started working in retail which reconnected me with fashion. Becoming a mother was a light bulb moment for me and motivated me to take a course in Fashion Design in the Dublin Institute of Design. My second born was the definitive push to start my own business. So, with the support of my family and friends, in 2019 I decided to change my career and follow my dream, resulting in SILVIA ORTEGA, a sustainable, slow fashion clothing brand for women.


My aim is to create aesthetic timeless clothes that are suitable for contemporary women to wear for any occasion. From my home studio in Wicklow Town, working within the ethical, sustainable and slow fashion frame, I produce small collections in average sizes as samples that can be reproduced in any size depending on the demand in order to reduce fabric waste. Also, I keep small pieces of fabric that I use to embellish new garments or to make “waste 0” one of a kind unique pieces. Through all that I can create clothing that are eco friendly and moral.

The garments are handcrafted with natural fabrics and materials such as silk, organic cotton, wool, linen and leather. Richness in texture shows through every collection. I achieve this by mixing different fabrics and fabric manipulation old techniques including weaving, smocking and quilting. A bit of boldness embellishes each design through vibrant silk linings, chunky zips, big buttons, draped pieces inserted into flat patterns, sheer fabrics, flounces and crochet. All the garments are handsewn finished with couture techniques.

I also offer custom services which vary from combining, removing or changing some elements of my designs in accordance with the customer preferences and personal tastes, to creating a whole new design to suit your needs. Contact me and together we will create something unique for you!

My designs are available at Om Diva in Dublin. Online on this website or Etsy